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Past Projects

Visual Examples


Kling Residence interior repaint

September 7, 2021

Full interior repaint - Ceilings, walls, trim & doors, closet shelving, stained wood ceiling, and Cabinet refinishing

Garfield St. Remodel Interior and exterior

July 19, 2021

Interior and exterior remodel - Ceilings, walls, trim & doors, exterior walls, garage door, shed, front & back patio wood, and fascia. All white interior and exterior was done white/ bronze.

Mirabel Interior & Cabinet refinishing

April 30, 2021

Full interior repaint and Cabinet refinishing.


Diamond St. Exterior and Interior remodel

August 19, 2021

Exterior and Interior repaint - Ceilings, walls, trim & doors, windows, fascia, and office addition. Inside and out was painted all white and black.

Pescar dr. Stain and lacquer doors & trim

June 15, 2021

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Junior residence

September 30, 2021

Window & door Refinishing, Garage doors, Gun room remodel paint and stain work, and exterior miscellaneous painting.

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